Request for Proposal and Quotation (RFx)

Generation of Savings productively with itbid eSourcing RFx Engine

ITBID e-Sourcing negotations platform provides a higher productivity and control in proposal management (RFP - Request for Proposal) and quotations (RFQ - Request for Quotations) as initial phase on purchasing negotiations projects. An intuitive and high-usable design allows an efficient generation of proposals and quotations for our buyers.

Con ITBID usted podrá gestionar tanto las RFx basadas en requerimientos y escenarios como las basadas en listado de productos (MRO).

Main Benefits

  • Generates saving by boosting transparency and global competition
  • Optimizes the negotiation process based on best practices
  • Speeds up the cycle and automates tasks without value added
  • Decentralizes while improving control
  • Facilitates decision-making and values quotations received objectively

Video: RFx based on requirements and criteria 

We invite you to watch this video about Rfx based on requirements and critera made by the buyer. There are other RFQ based on products lists.

Reduce the negotiating time, improve the control and take decisions objectively

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