Sourcing Projects Management

Comprehensive control of your members, objectives, strategies, tasks and milestones from the project

ITBID sourcing-project module allows for easy viewing of the complete purchasing process, combining all of the milestones, documents, involved users and activities of purchasers in a single collaborative platform (called the “Project”). The project consolidates and streamlines communication with suppliers and project users in established phases of the purchasing process: information, analysis, negotiation and close of project. In each project,  negotiation strategy is key to identify how to prevent them, and possible closing strategies are documented, providing an objective view of the savings obtained in order to assess the return on each sourcing project.


ITBID Projects module allows significant improvement in your purchasing activities. Some of its main functionalities are the following: 

  • Displays the project as a whole, including the strategy and risks that have been detected
  • Suppliers who have been awarded a portion of the project or at what stage were discarded
  • Includes calendar of project milestones, both provisional and real
  • Allows direct access to contracts resulting from a project
  • Shows a map of suppliers involved in a project
  • Includes a Message Center to document communications between project members
  • Assigns tasks to project members, with automated messages
  • Allows users to export an executive summary of the project to Excel
Tasks awarding to members
Coordinate negotiations and contracts
Automated alerts of pending tasks
Baseline and project budget
Project Calendar
Project closing and reopening
External tasks
Closing strategy
Negotiation strategy
Phases: Information, Negotiation and Closing
Excel Project Report
Members: owners and users
Technical and economic weighting of offers
Project progress
Potential suppliers
Risks. Risks prevention
Project tasks

Improve the Productivity and Visibility of your purchasing activities with the itbid Projects Module

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