Purchase Requests (Requisitions)

Avoid receiving unexpected invoices through the previous expenditure authorization

Purchase Requests (Requisitions) module allows any user from a corporative network to request permission in order to buy, invest or expend.

The Requisition procedure represents an opportunity to question spending at source, before any obligation to take place, creating a virtual space for discussion on the appropriateness and necessity of such spending.

The quotation is a limitation higher than the expenditure, not an authorization to expend 

ITBID Purchasing Requests (Requisitions) are based on best practices and allows us to have a clear definition of the intervenors roles and needed permits. Required users that want to support or authorize a requisition can do it directly from the message that they receive on his Smartphone, simplifying the ""signature" process of the requisition.

Requisitions Workflow

According to several categories, Requisitions may be template-based, so that authorizations or signatures that are needed in each case will be established on the template.

Finally, those Requisitions that have been approved can be converted into purchasing negotiations managed by a buyer-user from the ITBID eSourcing core (required).

Single-Sign-On Access in local network (LAN)
Approval / Reject via mail or website
Add signatories “on the fly”
Requisitions search
Cost Center
Requisition life cycle
Final cost
Estimate cost
Desired date
Needed justification for the purchase
Freely configurable needed signatures
Purchase assets
Budget items
Requisitions templates by purchase typology
Request for further information

Requisitions: Make from every requisition a new saving opportunity

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