eSourcing: RFx Engine
Awarding (in simple or multiple way)
Attach files (Product Specifications and other)
Attach files to bid
Add Suppliers – from Directory
Add Suppliers – from Excel
Authorizations according to Baselines
AutoScoring – Automated Ranking
Baseline and RFX Savings
Creation of Criteria – Upload File
Creation of RFx Internal Notes
Creation of RFQ from Requisitions
Creation of Versions/Scenarios
Criteria – Numeric and not numeric
Open date / Contract and Delivery End
Files regularly to attach, by category
Duplication and RFx conversion
Open date/hour – End
Sealed Bid Auction
RFx Templates (RFP, RFQ, MRO)
Criteria Weighting
Suppliers Weighting
 Supplier Counter Offerings
RFx Events Management
Active RFx / Historical Rates
Criteria and Scenario based RFx : RFP and RFQ
Products based RFx (MRO)
RFx by Category or Center Area
Data transfer to Contracts
eSourcing: Auction Engine
Similar to RFx, and also:
Autoscoring - Automated Ranking
Excessive bidding Alerts
User lockout criteria - Non-editable by Suppliers
User lockout until
Weighting estimation of your offers in real time
Auction Extension
Auction Duration: limit of
Opening and Closing Date/Hour
Auction Chart
Improve your offer by percentage
Improve your offer by amount
Initial offers introduced by the Buyer
Initial offers introduced by the Supplier
Weighting of Criteria Relevance
Invalid/Inaccurate Bids Rejection
Positioning Requirements to active
Criteria Status (upward / downward)
Dutch Auction
English Auction, 1 price
English Auction: multiproduct
English Auction:
English Auction:
English Auction:
Multricriteria Auction
Best bidding visibility
Displaying of your position
Contract Management
Contract Approval
Supplier Awarding
Responsable Awarding
Authorization by Amount
Automated Alerts via email
Supplier Approval
Contract Draft Model
Earlier Contract (original)
Manage a contract: from negotiation
Manage a contract: manually
Attached Files
Attached Files: supplier sharing
Status: Contract lifecycle
Contract Expiration
Opening Date / Contract End
Alerts and forewarn Alerts Dates
Price Lists, by product
Price Lists: from RFx/MRO
Price Lists: Export to Excel
Price Lists: Import to Excel
Prices Lists: Massive Modification
Contract Modifications: consolidated
Contract Modifications: simple
Related Negotiations
Related Projects
Contract Events Register
Contract Renewal
Contract Renewal: renewal status
Projects Management
Tasks awarding to members
Coordinated negotiations and contracts
Automated alerts of pending tasks
Baseline and project budget
Baseline and project budget
Project Calendar
Closing / Reopening
Internal Clients
Outsourcing Tasks Collaborators
Closing Strategy
Negotiation Strategy
Phases: Information, Negotiation and Closing
Excel Project Report
Members: owners and users
Technical and economic weighting offers
Risks. Risks prevention
Potential suppliers
Risks. Risks prevention
Project tasks
Supplier Management - Qualification
Autoregistro del proveedor
Homologación: Avisos de tareas asignadas
Búsqueda de proveedores
Ciclo de vida de documentos
Configuración del proceso de homologación
Cuestionarios de registro, por categoría
Datos del Proveedor y del Contacto
Documentación obligatoria, por categoría
Equipos de homologación / evaluación
Estado del proveedor (registrado, activo, homologado, no homologado, en curso)
Evaluación del proveedor
Homologación de Producto del Proveedor
Homologación de Proveedor
Idioma del proveedor
Invitación al registro
Mapa de ubicación
Modificación del proceso de homologación
Recordatorios de documentación
Responsables del proveedor
Solicitud de ampliar información
Purchase Requests (Requisitions)
Single-Sign-On access to local network (LAN)
Approval / Rejection via email or website
Add signatories "on the fly"
Requests Research
Cost Management Center
Requisition lifecycle
Final Cost
Cost estimation
Desired Date
SSO user authentication against our host systems
Purchasing Detailed Description
Freely configurable needed signatures
Purchase Asset
Budget Item
Requisitions templates by puchase typology
Role: Signatories
Role: Purchase Manager
Role: Responsable
Role: Applicant
Request for further information
Messages Center
Files Attatchment to messages
Read Receipt (if it's enabled)
Privat Chat (threads) with hierarchic access
Entitlement to Send Messages
Entitlement to View Messages
Adressees according to context
Simple Text Editor
Automated messages in adressee language
Multiple Addressee / Individual Sendings
Messages Resending
Selection of individual and roled  Addressees
Smartphones: Enforced actions from your inbox emails
Private notes according to the context
Authorizations Workflow
Asignación de Autorizadores a Grupos
Autorizaciones en cascada, por baseline
Autorizar apertura de ofertas
Autorizar Contrato
Autorizar lanzamiento de negociación
Autorizar propuesta de adjudicación
Configuración del Núm. de Firmas necesarias, por Grupo
Creación y Edición de Autorizadores "Ad Hoc"
Creacion y Edicion de Grupos de Autorizadores
Disparo de autorizaciones por baseline y Sede / Unidad de Negocio
Grupos de Autorizadores por Sede
Roles: Autorizadores, Delegados. Visores
Smartphones: Autorizar / Denegar por email

Users register and edition (including permits assignments)
SSO connection and security configuration
Categories Modification
Company and Center's data Modification
Graphical Interface Tool Configuration
Workgroups Establishment
Geographical Areas Configuration
Products Modification
Authorization Manager
Requisition Templates Establishment
Qualification Phases Establishment
Evaluation Phases Establishment
Texts modications and configurable messages

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