Implementation of the Central Purchasing Body

Construction of an effective Purchasing organization oriented towards expenditure

ITBID helps to setup your Centralized purchasing function, from the initial definition and requirements of the project through final implementation company model, with the option to manage the project gradually without affecting existing daily activities.

The Central Purchasing Body is a good practice to be implemented by the organizations. Central Purchasing Bodies streamlines and unifies the negotiation procedures, procurement and supply of goods and services, defining the roles between the Manager and the Consumer Expenditure: decentralize the management but concentrating control.


The projects aimed to the creation and optimization of the ITBID Central turn its team in a well-oiled machine.

  • 360º view of providers and user
  • Motivates and empowers purchasing teams to get results
  • Rational industrialization of purchasing for productive excellence
  • Total control and traceability of communication and decision-making
  • Progressive creation of the common purchasing center with full scalability
  • ITBID expert team in various sectors
  • Confirmation of sustainable results over time
  • Compile quotations and purchasing agenda to optimize resources and prevent incidents
  • Análisis Inicial y definición del proyecto.
  • Puesta en Marcha, progresiva y auto-financiada.
  • Implantación de plataforma tecnológica y transferencia interna de la metodología de trabajo.
  • Posibilidad de externalizar total o parcialmente la gestión de la Central de Compra
  • Experiencia en la creación de Centrales de Compra corporativas.
  • Herramientas y técnicas de gestión y control.
  • Metodología propia y organización orientada al resultado.
  • Recursos técnicos y humanos adecuados.
  • Enfocar la organización hacia la reducción y optimización de costes.
  • Tarifas de precios con los proveedores fijas, indubitativas.
  • Mejora de la calidad del suministro – niveles de servicio.
  • Mejora en los procedimientos de seguimiento y control de los acuerdos.

Rational industrialization on purchases for the productive excellence

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