The ideal buyer profile

Written by  Itbid Team on 23 June 2015
The four key aspects to an effective procurement management - As the economy becomes more unstable and its effects shake over and over to businesses and organizations, there is more evident the need for the purchasing function is generating profits, via its ability to economize and optimize costs. What characteristics have the purchasing managers of companies that have addressed this with success? Our experience shows that this ideal buyer has proven experience in three areas of knowledge with a very developed skill.  


Knowledge of procurement management

It matches with the basic profile of the buyer, who understands that purchasing function has to be a source of competitive advantage for the company. The ideal buyers makes the analysis and questioning of spending, detects and exploits savings opportunities, contacts, manages and negotiates with suppliers and monitor their development and compliance.

Knowledge of category

Category management is the lever for the optimization of the major purchases. Our ideal buyer fully understands the technical and logistical aspects of manufacturing of products and provision of services under their responsibility. Thus, he cans define precisely the optimum service from the knowledge of the fundamental factors of cost, potential and actual market, and the strengths and weaknesses of their suppliers, ensuring delivery of the goods at the right time and precise quality.

Knowledge of best practices

The ideal buyer must infer and estimate the differences between the processes and strategies of his company and those of its direct competitors even in the absence of verifiable information, replicating, when possible, the ones that are better in our competitors and trying to build a wall against competition where we are leaders. You must find what answers have given the best companies in other sectors to similar problems that [...]



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