Esourcing 5 FAQs for SMEs

Written by  Itbid Team on 23 June 2015
                       5 FAQ’s about esourcing that ITBID can answer to -    


Given the limitations that historically have been raised in SMEs by incorporating electronic trading platforms and online shopping (eSourcing), a major change is evident. Certain beliefs have already overcome; however, still many SMEs faced the same questions.

1) Cost of the project: I cannot afford these services.

ITbid: our prices are scalable and affordable whatever the size of your company.

2) Complexity associated with implementation: My purchasing team and suppliers are not prepared. The management application is excessively complex and requires rather long learning.

ITibid: We guarantee a very quickly start up attached to a learning curve in a short period of time thanks to the simplicity associated with our unique platform. Besides the simplicity of use, it must be included the ongoing support that our expert team provides to our clients: You will be always accompanied.

3) I already get great prices on local purchases.

ITbid: The market changes constantly and today internationalization, apart from being an alternative, could become a necessity in many cases, source of priceless competitive advantage.

4) Which positive results will I get? Is there really a positive ROI?

ITbid: Yes. Our assumption is based on the reduction of costs, meanwhile increasing performance and productivity.

5) I am sure I will have a small volume of purchases…

ITbid: This is not an obstacle today. An example: In a negotiation for an amount of € 50,000 a CR of 10% is obtained in 30 min. for our customers. € 5,000 in one day!

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