The ideal buyer profile

Written by on 23 June 2015,
The four key aspects to an effective procurement management - As the economy becomes more unstable and its effects shake over and over to businesses and organizations, there is more evident the need for the purchasing function is generating profits, via its ability to economize and optimize costs. What characteristics have the purchasing managers of companies that have addressed this with success? Our experience shows that this ideal buyer has proven experience in three areas of knowledge with a very developed skill.  
The main purpose of shopping as a key lever in the competitiveness of the company is to provide the internal customer the product or service needed, with the required quality, at the right time and in the best economic conditions.  

Esourcing 5 FAQs for SMEs

Written by on 23 June 2015,
                       5 FAQ’s about esourcing that ITBID can answer to -    
Few ways you can reduce cost and save time through e-procurement  

The limping EBITDA Budget

Written by on 23 June 2015,
It’s budget time. The meetings rooms and spread sheets are on fire. For one more year, all departments are busy and work in a hurry to get the budget ready. But budget describe, again, a limping EBITDA. It seems that the Golden Rule of the crisis (“My God, My God, let me I stay as I am”) affects how we approach the undoubted contributions that the Purchasing department can obtain for the business.
9 mistakes to avoid in the evaluation of offers - The offers’ evaluation is one of the key skills to develop by the buyer. Its aim is to determine the order (or priority) and the score of the bids received, as a rule, to select the most advantageous, both economically and technically.  
Advantages of the reverse auctions In the current context of constant change, reverse auction of purchasing allows an optimized way to meet market prices, an aspect of great use and proven efficiency for those responsible for the purchasing department of any company, regardless of size and industry in which it operates. Meanwhile, the different competitors show their competitive advantages, resulting from applying modern management techniques. The organizing firm of the auction, by acquiring new management tools gets more professionalized, wining an important time in the whole process of purchasing and managing with a transparent way the prices contributed, not always possible in a traditional negotiating process. Finally, all parties stand to gain as competitors show their level of innovation and the purchasing manager extends his productivity. ITbid, as a provider of eSourcing products and services, highly value and encourage at all times the interaction with customers, promoting change and improving their trading platform, as the suggestions received by procurement professionals’ guarantees of adaptation to current and future needs. This social aspect in the supplier-customer relationship allows us to achieve the level of innovation that our customers request, also collaborating in the development of new features and improving existing ones.
We have organized a reverse auction to purchase shutters, reducing the cost of more than 2 million per year to 1.65 million with the same suppliers they had!


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